Degenerate park cunts.




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@marquis_de_su being more cool than cool! #sunglassesinside

Ma pals!! Su-landi Vi££er dangerzoning like a mad cunt. 

Finally watched the video of Pussy Riot getting whipped at Sochi.

Severely WTF at both sides. What the fuck was the point in them dancing around like spastics by a fence for roughly 7 seconds before being sloppily whipped by some douche in a totalitarian fez? And also why the fuck did the police actually bother with them? They looked like utter fuds taking candy from a baby, grabbing the one unplugged guitar and pulling off their shitey balaclavas before (literally Monty Python style) thwowing them to the fwoor.

Should have sent DEATHWANK in to protest (glorify) the utter fucking pointlessness of it all.


Hattie for Love Lost Project by Paul Barbera.

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Today has been wrought with people jawdropping at my Prurient - Cocaine Death shirt.

Very much welcomed, but it still doesn’t beat turning round in Nandos to feast my eyes on a whole family stricken with horror at my “Offensive backprints are for cunts” Mistress shirt.

I try my best not to attract attention from shirts (and don’t really wear band shirts that much anymore anyway) but sometimes it is pure victory!


National currency: Heroin.
National dish: Heroin.
National drink: Glen’s vodka mixed with buckfast and a heroin chaser.
National figurehead: Bonnie Prince Charlie (even though we can only afford shite speed).

Who needs patriotism when you’ve got heroin?


Christiane F. photographed by Ilse Ruppert in her room in Hamburg (1983).

Christiane F., a onetime heroin-addicted teen prostitute, a junkie from the age of 12, was put in the spotlight in her early teens during the late `70s, after a series of interviews about her life and West Berlin`s drug scene, which led in a top-selling book and a film (”Christiane F. – Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo”) based on her memoirs.

Her intriguing story, as well as her great looks instantly turned her into a media darling and a kind of controversial heroin-chic celebrity.

Along Alexander Hacke, her boyfriend at the time and member of the German industrial band Einstürzende Neubauten, they recorded two albums and also appeared in a film.

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by Raven Yeh 

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